Conditions of Entry

The conditions of entry are:

We hope you will join us in this new venture. From the mountains to the coast the CASS Art Direct Open Studio Weekend offers a unique tour of local artist’s studios.

  1. Artists at home or using other venues must ensure there are enough artists in attendance to meet the buyers and make them welcome (maybe tea and coffee would be available).
  2. Artists may open their homes or use other venues. For home studios up to 4 artists may exhibit their work, for venues the number exhibiting is unlimited.
  3. For a home studio with up to 4 artists, the fee is $50 for any number of open weekend days during October.
  4. If more than 4 artists are using the one venue then a fee of $120.00 will be charged for any number of open weekend days during October. Up to the first 20 artist names can go onto the registry.
  5. Advertising templates will be provided, for you to add your own information, print and distribute to your neighbours.
  6. CASS will provide you with an attendance page that your visitors can sign. That page will be sent back to CASS so we can see if your Art Direct experience was a success.
  7. All Artists must register their interest in being involved by filling in the form on the “Join” tab. Following approval to join, you will be contacted and provided with a studio number and payment details.
  8. Customers will be able to search our website for their nearest open studio via postcode. Or they can type in the name of the Artist they are searching for to find if they are participating.
  9. Please note if paintings done in a Tutored workshop are for sale the Tutor’s name must be written on the back of the painting so the customer knows it is not an original work of yours.
  10. Combined Art Societies will not be providing insurance; Participants will need their own Home Public liability insurance.
  11. Closing date for registration will be 23 September 2019